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 If you would like to print these leaflets and posters, and many more, on your computer with your own contact information, consider buying a personalised DVDROM or Flashdrive from us.   Click Here for more information
Downloads for FM Distributors

The FM Perfume Consultants Mini-Kit


If you cannot read Word Documents here is an alternate version


This is a guide to the mini-kit and links to the individual documents

Want Fragrance strips ready printed with perfume number and Fragrance Family in colour?

Fun Poster 1
If you want to gently advertise in a sensitive area, try these fun posters.  There are 52 of them, one for each week of the year, and each carries your contact details and an FM message.

Special Order Form
This order form has the latest Special Offers pictured.  The order numbers are a bit small but legible.  If you have the personalised DVDROM, your contact info will be added automatically, otherwise replace my info with yours. 

Product Cards
Print these on card 4 to a page for postcard sized price cards.  Or 6 to a page for information cards to go with samples.  Don't forget to print your contact details on the back

Sample Kit Labels
It's easier to identify fragrances to offer your customers if you have your sample kit arranged in colour-coded Fragrance Wheel order or colour-coded Numerical order

If you find it difficult to work out commissions on your sales, try this Spreadsheet

If you need a 'Getting Started' booklet for your new distributors, or a 'Fresh Start' booklet for distributors who seem to have gone into hibernation, try this
Fresh Start Booklet
It's a Bi-Fold, print on both sides of an A4 sheet and fold in the middle to make a 4 page A5 Booklet.

I have compiled about 26 A4 posters in landscape or portrait Word.doc format to download.   The footers contain my contact information, don't forget to change it to your contact info.
Landscape posters
Portrait Posters

There is also a range of A6 format cards, both as postcards (including David's famous 'Up Yours' card) and shirt pocket cards.   These can also be used as A5,A4, and A3 posters

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