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There is an industry standard system for classifying perfumes and both the Fragrance Finder and the Fragrance Consultant use this method, the Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel, to identify FM perfumes that the client might like.

Part of building a Fragrance Profile is asking the client about perfumes they have enjoyed wearing and the Fragrance Mini-Consultant has information about the 430 most frequently mentioned perfumes.

When you enter your birthdate and select up to 3 names from the drop-down lists, it will show the Fragrance Wheel family and group for those perfumes and build a Fragrance Profile, including Chinese and Zodiac Fragrance Horoscopes, and from that profile, recommend 3 FM Perfumes that we think you will love.

Select a Fragrance
With 150 fragrances in the current FM catalogue, and new ones being added every year, how can you possibly choose the ones that might suit you.

If you know which of the 500 perfume families you like, our Perfume Selector spreadsheet will show you our FM Perfumes from the same or adjacent family groups


If you don't know your favourite perfume family groups, we have two instant options for you,
1:  Our Fragrance Finder, here you select your favourite perfume from 450 of the most often requested perfumes and we show you our FM Perfumes from the same Fragrance Family,



2:  Our Fragrance Consultation where we identify your fragrance profile and show you 2 fragrance horoscopes and recommend 3 FM Perfumes we think you will love

Consultation spreadsheet
Select perfumes you have enjoyed wearing from the drop-down lists and we will identify the family group of that perfume and show you 3 of our 150 perfumes that we think fit your fragrance profile.

There are over 20,000 high street perfumes and if your favourites aren't among the 450 most often requested, Email Us your name, date of birth and up to 3 favourites for a full consultation

We can send you sample bottles of our recommendations, 3 sample bottles for 1.00 +1.00 post & packaging

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